Mark Cueto at RFU YAZOO Tag 2 Twickenham final

mark cueto - yazooOn 13 July, Mark Cueto, YAZOO RFU tag rugby ambassador, will attend the Tag 2 Twickenham Final at Rugby School. Mark will present the winners trophy to the tag champions from 240 primary school children across England as they battle it out at the birthplace of rugby.

The Tag 2 Twickenham Final is the highlight of an on-going campaign by the RFU YAZOO Primary School Programme to encourage the nation’s children to participate in sport and pursue healthier lifestyles.

Twenty teams, some from as far a field as the Isle of Man, will take part in this competition after making it through a series of local and regional heats. The winners and first runners up will face each other again on the day of the England v Wales friendly on the 6th August 2011 at Twickenham.

Mark Cueto comments:

“There is always a high level of talent at the Tag 2 Twickenham final, with a few budding England stars in the making. I’ve been involved with the programme for five years and am proud to be a part of what is now the biggest tag rugby scheme in England. It is always fantastic to see so many kids travelling so for to take part. The dedication from the teams and teachers is fantastic. Last year I was blown away by the quality of the rugby and I’m hoping that this year will be even better. ”

YAZOO and the RFU work in partnership with the national police children’s charity, Child Victims of Crime (CVOC), an initiative to keep children safe which started Tag 2 Twickenham in 2002. The charity funds the training of over 600 police staff a year to coach Tag rugby in primary schools. To support the festivals, a police officer from each area is on hand to continue to build relationships within the community.

In the last three years alone YAZOO, the RFU and CVOC have brought the programme to nearly two million children as well as donating balls, tag belts and other equipment to thousands of schools across the country. The Tag 2 Twickenham rugby finals have been running for the past eight years and it is now one of the biggest primary school events of its kind in the country.

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