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We are delighted to be working with the following charities throughout the year.


Christie cancer charity


The Christie is one of Europe’s leading cancer centres treating over 40,000 patients a year.  We are also an international leader in research, with world first breakthroughs for over 100 years.


The Christie was first established in 1901 through generous donations and fundraising has continued to support vital developments for more than a century.  Our charity helps to pay for cancer research, new facilities, high-tech equipment and extra patient services – helping cancer patients both cope with and survive cancer. Your support can help save lives. 



Child Victims of Crime was founded in 1993, following work by Cheshire Police after the horrific terrorist attack in Warrington in1993, and registered as a charity by the British Police Rugby section in 1994. The aims of the charity are to help children and their families rebuild their lives after the traumatic impact of crime.

The charity provides material support as individual as possible to the needs of each child such as, Disney world trips, activity centre trips to theme parks and family holidays and high street gift vouchers. ‘It is hard to imagine how you can brighten up, in a small way, the life of a child whose mother has been murdered, or a young girl/boy who has faced a history of sexual abuse, but CVOC, the only national police children’s charity, tries to bring a bit of fun and normality back into their lives’ CVOC has supported over 5000 children at a cost of just over 1.5 million,

CVOC also has a preventative role through its joint running of the Tag 2 Twickenham community programme and has distributed over a million of its Tackling Safety leaflets which develop children’s awareness of personal safety.


RPA Benevolent


The RPA Benevolent Fund is the professional players’ charity, established to provide financial help and practical support to RPA members in the following areas: